Philosophies of Technology – Social determinism

This post forms part of a series, where I am attempting to identify my philosophies around teaching and technology, and reflect on the impact it has on my instructional design, as detailed in my initial post. This second part of the series is focused on the philosophy of social determinism.  I commented in my initial... Continue Reading →

Philosophies of Technology – Uses determinism

As part of my studies, I have been asked to identify my philosophies around teaching and technology, and reflect on the impact it has on my instructional design. We have been asked to read Kanuka (2008) as a source of information on various teaching and technology philosophies, and how they are often aligned. I have... Continue Reading →

Draft Introduction to Learning Plan for Web 2.0

I am developing an online course in conjunction with the PLE@CQUni project.  Following is an initial draft introduction for my learning design blueprint as part of my study of Instructional Design in Adult Education course. My main concern with my plan is cognitive load, especially when learners have limited time.  I am thinking an approach... Continue Reading →

Biggs: Revision of Chapter 1 – 3rd Edition

I thought I'd re-read through the initial chapters of Biggs' 3rd edition to see what has changed.  In fact, there were a couple of particularly interesting discussions added that were absent from edition 2. Biggs' has gone to great lengths to explain the history of outcomes-based education (OBE), and to separate his theories around constructive-alignment... Continue Reading →

The Eportfolio Tug-of-war

Foreword This blog post has seen me fall into old habits with my blogging.  It has turned into a very large document and has taken considerable time to write.  Not how I wish to blog.  My apologies if its too much to digest. 🙂 Damien. Introduction I have tried to capture a broad, but shallow... Continue Reading →

Biggs: Reflection – Chapter 1

Introduction After reading through Chapter 1 of Biggs "Teaching for Quality Learning at University" 2nd Edn, I found myself identifying with almost everything he had to say.  Due to the size of this posting, I have broken it down into various sections. The changing landscape of tertiary education Biggs begins with an explanation of the... Continue Reading →

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