Apple APFS Snapshots – rolling them back?

I am using a new M1 Mac with macOS 12.0.1. I installed software that caused all sorts of problems (I won't mention the name). I suspected it might be problematic, so I used CCC to take a full backup first. Specifically, I used CCC6 which created a snapshot on my internal drive, and then cloned... Continue Reading →

The reusability paradox – WTF?

WTF? The reusability paradox.  How can reusability be bad? When first presented with this concept last year, I must admit I really did struggle with it.  As a techhie, every fibre of my being compels me to focus on reuse.  Hence, the paradox.  After some weeks of struggling with the reusability paradox, it did start... Continue Reading →

Moodle Activity Viewer – in the cloud?

So what is MAV?  An introduction to MAV written in 2013 is available.  Features have been added, but the core concept remains unchanged. In a nutshell, it allows you to visualise student click activity within your Moodle course site using a heat map, colouring links lighter or darker according to the number of times they... Continue Reading →

Learning Theories and Context

This blog post relates to my study of CCK11.  Over the past couple of years, and more feverishly in the past month, I have been banging on about learning theories and the importance of context. This afternoon, I watched a you tube video (below) by Ian Robertson titled "An Introduction to Learning Theories".  While it... Continue Reading →

Blogging in an Educational Context

As part of my studies, I am required to produce a presentation about how I use blogging in my work practice.  My presentation is hosted as a voicethread. Voicethread Presentation Following is a more in-depth reflection on the use of my blog in my work practice. What is a Weblog? Essentially a weblog or blog... Continue Reading →

Metacognition as a concept map

So I have been recently introduced to Concept Mapping using the CmapTools developed by IHMC. Thinking I should give this a go to see if it assists with understanding the big picture of complex concepts, I put it into action.  I have developed a concept map for metacognition, a topic of discussion in a course... Continue Reading →

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