Apple APFS Snapshots – rolling them back?

I am using a new M1 Mac with macOS 12.0.1. I installed software that caused all sorts of problems (I won't mention the name). I suspected it might be problematic, so I used CCC to take a full backup first. Specifically, I used CCC6 which created a snapshot on my internal drive, and then cloned... Continue Reading →

Everyone Loves an Old Fox, Right?

Everyone loves an old Fox, right?  Well, actually no.  Unlike the Michael J. variety, Mozilla Firefox has slipped into almost complete obscurity as a desktop browser.  Depending on your source of data, Firefox's marketshare has slumped from a peak in 2009 of just over 30%, to a lowly 7.69% in August, 2016.  Although, it has... Continue Reading →

The reusability paradox – WTF?

WTF? The reusability paradox.  How can reusability be bad? When first presented with this concept last year, I must admit I really did struggle with it.  As a techhie, every fibre of my being compels me to focus on reuse.  Hence, the paradox.  After some weeks of struggling with the reusability paradox, it did start... Continue Reading →

McLuhan’s Tetrad

McLuhan's Tetrad comprises 4 laws of media that can be used to analyse the effects of technological change on society, rather than the causes. Timothy Kraft describes the tetrad as: Enhance The technology must enhance some capability of the person. The medium is an extension of the person. Retrieve The result is a retrieval of... Continue Reading →

McLuhan says the medium is the message

McLuhan is probably most popularly known for his theory succinctly posited "The medium is the message".  Federman offers a very clear explanation of this concept in his article "What is the meaning of the medium is the message?"  Federman explains that McLuhan considers the medium in quite broad terms, more so than perhaps first impressions... Continue Reading →

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