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CCK11: Concept Map

This blog post publishes the final version of my concept map for CCK11 .  

Changing Roles of Higher Educators

This blog post is my submission for assignment 2 in CCK11.  I have used links to previous posts to support my arguments. The shifting basis of certainty has been a critical focus during week 5-8. Through readings and discussions, we have focused on complexity, chaos theory, instructional design, power and control, and the changing roles... Continue Reading →


Learner Autonomy, Control and the Balance of Power

This blog post relates to my study of CCK11. I have been struggling with how to express my view of the future role of educators in the 21st century.  I have had an idea that centres around learner centred, control and individualism, but simply haven't been able to articulate this in my writing. I have... Continue Reading →


Managing (universities) in an age of complexity

This blog post relates to my study of CCK11. I have just read an article by Dr Jean Boulton titled Managing in an Age of Complexity.  I really enjoyed reading this article.  I think the main reason was that it resonated with me and my context working for an Australian University. The key message of... Continue Reading →


Things you really need to learn by Stephen Downes

Stephen wrote an article back in 2006 as titled above.  I have just read it and I found it very inspiring. A key message I take away from his article is "Life is too short for bullshit!" As I read each thing to learn, I reflected on my life and to what extent I had... Continue Reading →


PLE/PLN and the commodified education industry

This blog post relates to my study of CCK11. Sui Fai John Mak had this to say in response to a previous blog post of mine on PLE/PLNs. So would the education system affect how and why PLE or PLN would be applied?  How about the learners learning under such education system?  What are the... Continue Reading →


PLEs: for the connectives or collectives?

This blog post relates to my study of CCK11. The concept of the personal learning environment is founded on the idea of learning control and autonomy.  It is a personal environment for the learner - learner centric. Yet practically, formal education is a controlled environment.  We live in a world with tighter and tighter controls... Continue Reading →


PLEs and PLNs

This blog post relates to my study of CCK11. What are the downsides? ( As a learning platform that is by definition always evolving, a PLE requires students to engage in ongoing decision making to maintain, organise, and grow their learning environments.  The process of self-directed learning requires a degree of self-awareness, and it must... Continue Reading →


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