Metacognition as a concept map

So I have been recently introduced to Concept Mapping using the CmapTools developed by IHMC. Thinking I should give this a go to see if it assists with understanding the big picture of complex concepts, I put it into action.  I have developed a concept map for metacognition, a topic of discussion in a course... Continue Reading →

Definition: Behaviourism

As part of my Certificate in Emerging Technologies for Learning, I am studying 4 popular learning theories. The first theory I am discovering is behaviourism. I have read an article by Melissa Standridge hosted on the Department of Eduational Psychology and Instructional Technology wiki, from the University of Georgia.  The article begins with a definition... Continue Reading →

Definition: Action Research

Having come across this term in the past, I felt it time to get my head around it once and for all.  What is action research? I recall in the past, I have described action research as analogous to that of the Systems Development Life Cycle (SDLC).  In my case, an example of relating new... Continue Reading →

Definition: Didactics

Came across a new word for my vocabulary:  didactics. According to wikipedia, didactics describes theories surrounding learning and teaching in an education context.  The article goes on to say that a didactic method is a teaching method that focuses on student engagement and is underpinned by a science based approach. Constructivism is given as an... Continue Reading →

Definition: Blended Learning

So I google Blended Learning and wikipedia, the fountain of all knowledge appears at the top of the list.  May as well start there. It would appear that the term "blended" is used in the context of mixing different approaches together when designing. Approaches can range from modes of delivery, to learning styles or even... Continue Reading →

Definition: Cognitive Load

Cognitive load has nothing to do with weights and pulley systems. 🙂 Cognition is the application of one’s mind in acquiring knowledge or understanding of a topic or idea.  In a formal education context, cognitive load is the volume of learning that is expected of the student in a particular unit of time.  Managing cognitive... Continue Reading →

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