Snapzilla, Blogging, RSS, and Second Life

Last month, I developed a Second Life Workshop and came across an interesting web 2.0 problem. The workshop is comprised of many small layered activities that participants complete as they build up the knowledge and skills in using Second Life.  I wanted the participants to be able to document their exploits as they worked through... Continue Reading →

Second Life for education – the minor divide

I have been asked to prepare a workshop for students enrolled in an E-Learning management course which provides an introduction to Second Life. The objective is to provide students with a basic level of competency in navigating SL such that they can explore and discover some of its educational possibilities. This relates to a larger... Continue Reading →

Second Life – Bringing it to the educators

Background I am working on a research project where we are trying to work out how CQ University can make use of 3D immersive environments to improve learning experiences for students. Second Life has emerged as a major player in the world of immersive 3D environments and has a considerable following in terms of application... Continue Reading →

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