Groups and Networks

This blog post relates to my study of CCK. In the week 5 material for the course, I have watched a presentation by George Siemens relating to groups and networks.  I really enjoyed watching this presentation, as much of the content resonated with me and my context.  I am blogging some of the more fascinating... Continue Reading →

My reflection on Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC)

This blog post relates to my study of CCK11. Having a technologist background, I love the ideals to which Connectivism holds such as (open, shared, and social, and adaptive to perpetual change). However, my experience of studying this course as a MOOC, which I consider an application of the Connectivist Learning Theory has not been... Continue Reading →

Learning Theories and Context

This blog post relates to my study of CCK11.  Over the past couple of years, and more feverishly in the past month, I have been banging on about learning theories and the importance of context. This afternoon, I watched a you tube video (below) by Ian Robertson titled "An Introduction to Learning Theories".  While it... Continue Reading →

Frames and Context: Toomato or Tomato

This post relates to my study of CCK11. A fellow student, Jaap recently took the time to comment on my week 3 concept map, plus share his own (thanks Jaap :)). Jaap asked in a comment on my concept map: "I think in connectivism context and framing are look-a-likes, do you agree?"  Jaap similarly makes... Continue Reading →

Is it all just “Naval-Gazing”?

This blog post relates to my study of CCK11 and the study of learning theory. One of the week 1 readings is a document titled "What is Connectivism?"  George Siemens uses Ertmer's and Newby's "five definitive questions to distinguish learning theory" framework to produce a table comparing and contrasting Connectivism with 4 other prominent learning... Continue Reading →

Open deliveryware

This blog post relates to my study of CCK11. Continuing my readings of the course with Stephen Downes blog post entitled What Connectivism is Not, I have come across the following passage, which I find incredibly fascinating. There is no reason for the *delivery* of instruction (whatever form it may take) to be conjoined with... Continue Reading →

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