REPOST: Improving university teaching, learning theory, and curriculum design

This post relates to my study of CCK11. I found an article I wrote two years ago regarding improving university teaching, learning theories and instructional (curriculum) design while studying instructional design through UManitoba.  I thought it was relevant to my current study of CCK11, and so am reposting so that it would be included in... Continue Reading →

Connectivism and Connective Knowledge: Concept Map

This blog post relates to my study of CCK11 and provides an initial draft of my evolving concept map of Connectivism and Connective Knowledge. Sorry about the poor use of colour.  I am using VUE on a Mac and for some reason I can't access the format window. As you can see, I have quite... Continue Reading →

Is it all just “Naval-Gazing”?

This blog post relates to my study of CCK11 and the study of learning theory. One of the week 1 readings is a document titled "What is Connectivism?"  George Siemens uses Ertmer's and Newby's "five definitive questions to distinguish learning theory" framework to produce a table comparing and contrasting Connectivism with 4 other prominent learning... Continue Reading →

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