Moodle Activity Viewer – in the cloud?

So what is MAV?  An introduction to MAV written in 2013 is available.  Features have been added, but the core concept remains unchanged.

In a nutshell, it allows you to visualise student click activity within your Moodle course site using a heat map, colouring links lighter or darker according to the number of times they have been accessed.

A very early version of a home page has also been established for MAV.  This will expand in the weeks to come.

The computer source code is also available for the enterprise version, available for download from github.  This version must be installed by your IT folk onto one of their servers for you to use it on your Moodle at your institution.

So is there a ‘personal’ version available?  What would that look like?

Could anyone using Moodle (and Firefox for now) use it, without requiring your IT department to install a plug-in for your Moodle server?

Would you be interested in using MAV this way?

What are the ethical challenges to overcome?

I’d love to hear your thoughts/suggestions in the comments below.

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